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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Google has recently added an endless runner game into Chrome , in which you have attempt to survive as a cute T-Rex dinosaur by jumping over some cacti. The game is only accessible when the browser detects you’re offline, on the ‘Unable to connect to the Internet’ error page. It is completely hidden unless you know where you should look
The new error page was first spotted by the Google open-source Chromium researcher François Beaufort. In his Google+ post, however, he didn’t reveal anything, likely because it’s meant to be an easter egg.
Well , every chrome user is familiar with this page ! Now let’s start playing the cute endless and yet addictive game!

And , on pressing Space Bar the awesome and yet addictive endless game Starts!The ground beneath him will extend to the right, and he’ll start running:

There’s also a short kinda celebration on completing 100 points! The games is simple and too much addictive! The game will track your progress with a high score count, including a short celebration upon completing every 100 points you make. Unfortunately, your score will disappear after you refresh the page, but hopefully you’ll be reconnected by that point.
The game also works in the Android and iOS Google chrome new versions! So why are you waiting , let’s start playing ! :)
Please do share your SCORES in the comments section , we would love to know the high scores and your feedbacks!

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