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if you are connected to some wifi access point  that works by a sagem router and you just want to desconnect all the bullshit on that area .
than the most easy way to do it is by runing this html application on your browser.
than click RESET to reset the router setting
or FACTORY RESSET to do the factory reset
the download link is from here:
source code

A vulnerability was reported by the it nursed box say that you can Bypass  Authentication login page in the router framework just by downloading a backup file that does not need an authentication to be accessed :

you can exploit the login page just by downloading this file  >>

then analyse it by hexedit to see the admin password and user name :

and its done you are a nasty little cute hacker.

I have found a Blind Sql injection in the arsenal club website ,so i reported it to them,they didn't respond so why would i care ,i can take over the web site by now but i will just leak the users information ,so may be now they will notice some thing .

SQLI FOUND IN : http://cn.arsenal.com/newsdetail.php?id=%Inject_Here%494if you want to see the users emails and passwords hit this LINK

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