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How to change scores of your favourite android games!

So, you don’t want to play that annoying flappy birds sequel: Swing Copters , that’s the reason you visited this page! ;) . But, the problem is that you want to impress a couple of people by showing that you have the highest score in the world’s most annoying  game. Well, if you have your Android phone rooted, it’s simple as 123 . Today, I am going to show you how you can change the values of your score of an android game . I will also show you a video of hacking other games too! But let’s take an example of Swing Copter!


1) First of all, go ahead and download ES File Explorer from Play Store or just search in google for it!
2) Now Launch ES File Explorer and press on the three-lined button on the top left corner of the App.
3) Go to Tools and make sure that Root Explorer is turned on.
4) Now, head towards Local (it’s also in the menu), and click on Device.
5) Go to the data folder; then again to the next data folder.
6) Now, just find the folder for your game. In this case as we are changing scores for Swing Copters, so go to the folder named: com.dotgears.swing. This is the folder for the game Swing Copters. (For any other game you are trying to hack, you can find it’s folder here)
7) Once you are in your game’s folder, go to shared_prefs.
8) Now go to the SwingCopters.xml file.
9) To edit the values(code) in the file you need to click on Edit in the menu section(three dots in the top right corner).
10) Now, all you have to do is to edit this line: <int name=”score” value =”0” /> 
11) For example, writing “50” instead of “0”  would change your high score to 50.
12) Now, save the file by going back and exit ES File Explorer.

Now, go to your specific android game and see your new hacked high score. This high score only change if you beat it by playing the game or of-course by repeating the above steps. If you have trouble following these steps, watch and follow the video below. So, this is how you can hack android game score.
Watch this video which will guide you to hack any of the android (offline) game


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