Why you might be not making any money???

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

If you are new into earning money online then you might have lots of question on your mind. Most probably you haven’t earned your first dollar yet.
I had actually taken 7 month to earn my first money online. But it doesnt mean you will also be the same or its not that you cant.
The most important thing is your work. If you are consistent then money will flood into your pocket and people will think you are a drug dealer(because of huge money in your pockets).
Here are my quick tips to earn fast……
1.    Have your blog and self host it. Read my other post to know more as it is better to have a complete mind map rather a quick decision.
2.  Write atleast one article daily. Its not hard you can modify other articles from internet but make sure its unique.
3.  Have patience. It is hard to make a dollar online but once you earn that very first then being a millionaire is not that far away.
4. Believe yourself and have patience.

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