Why Self hosting your blog is necessary to earn more!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Self hosting refers to getting your own domain and space for running your job more conveniently. http://www.something.com is better than http://www.something.xxxxx.com. People will remember your blog easily and will visit it time and again. Your readers will feel more convenient in reading your blog and recommending it to others too. So, it is very important that you self-host your blog.
Hosting your own blog is an easy task but you have to pay some amount to get the domain and web space. If you don’t know about self-hosting your blog then it may also not be a problem. Usually the local company in Nepal have higher price but i suggest you to get them online. I will talk about the process later.
If you ask yourself what type of websites you visit then the answer will probably come as http://www.something.com because they are easy to remember. So, if you are planning to earn a big money online then i recommend you follow these steps as it is very necessary that you self-host your blog. In Nepal it may be a difficult task but i suggest you follow it strictly. You can contact me for further help.

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