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Monday, May 25, 2015

First to recognize a couple of terms to assist guide us. Using the creation of hd tv a brand new term is promoting mentioning towards the old TV format has standard definition. That terminology has appeared to slip into video security too. A video camera might be known to has standard definition which essentially means it's not a megapixel camera. However a video camera might be known as a higher Resolution camera but it's still a typical definition camera. Now an analog camera or IP camera for your matter might be 380 TV lines of resolution and it might be known as a minimal res camera. However, a video camera with 540 TV lines could be known as a higher res camera. Nonetheless they could both be looked at standard definition cameras since they're not megapixel cameras or High definition tv cameras. We'll explain much more about megapixel and IP in just a minute. For more information on HikVision Indonesia, do not forget to visit our website.
In CCTV Video Home Security Systems the primary variations of resolution are capture, display and storage resolution.
Capture or Camera resolutions for analog cameras
When reading through a burglar camera specs sheet, you will notice two teams of amounts rating the sensor from the camera. One lists the amount of pixels (768 H X 494 V) for that sensor and yet another rates the horizontal resolution (TVL) from the camera.
Effective pixels = 768 (Horizontal) X 494 (Vertical)
Horizontal resolution = 540 TV lines
The main difference backward and forward is pixel aspect ratio and movie aspect ratio. The pixel aspect ratio has related to the particular quantity of pixels that sensor has the capacity to capture. The image aspect ratio is dependant on exactly what the NTSC standard for analog signals (composite video) continues to be made to process. The amounts are very different but while using math behind it you are able to calculate the way the two relate. We'll steer clear of the math with this discussion.
Since analog standard definition video security cameras don't have square pixels you will find two kinds of picture aspect ratio. There's storage aspect ratio and display aspect ratio.
Storage Aspect Ratio
The storage aspect ratio may be the digital size the look because it is saved on digital media. For example the greatest saved resolution using composite video (that is what originates from an analog camera) is 720x480. That's just like a typical definition Dvd and blu-ray.
When storing video with an analog security Digital recording device there are several resolution options. The normal configurations readily available for storage are CIF, 2CIF and 4CIF.
CIF = 352 x 240
2CIF = 704 x 240
4CIF = 704 x 480
Display Aspect Ratio
The display aspect ratio are only able to be shown as what's known to like a 4:3 aspect ratio the NTSC standard. This limits the amount of lines of information that may really be shown. This describes why a 768 horizontal sensor when shown on a 4:3 aspect monitor can lead to only 540 TV lines of resolution. (note: a typical definition movie on the dvd might be in 4:3 or 16:9 format however the pixel size would be 720x480 for storage reasons.) Want to know more about HikVision CCTV? Visit our website today.

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