How to Root Android Phone Without Computer

Sunday, February 8, 2015

This is a guide to help you root your phone, and hence explore the various dimensions to it. Mere tricks you need to know to proceed with rooting your phone. And here they are.
About Rooting :  But before that let us tell you what does rooting a device means. Since Android is an open source mobile platform, the creators dont allow complete access to the administrative function of the device. And so, rooting your phone and tablets helps you explore those forbidden functions of your device.
So now the question comes, why would you root your phone or tablet. Rooting has its own advantage. The prime one being that it will provide you an amazing experience. You can regularly update your android version. Not all of the higher versions are always available for update, so if the phone is rooted, you can have access to those system updates. Certain stiff are compatible only with the rooted devices, and hence nothing seems to be forbidden for your use. And the list continues.

How to root Android Phone Without Computer

So now that you know all about what rooting is, and its so many advantages, i am sure you’re curious to learn how exactly does it happen. Here we have come up with ways you could root your smartphones or tablets.
*Rooting can cause warranty issues on your device, and also may result in getting bricked, if not done properly. Its completely a risk taking factor, and we are not responsible for damage caused*
Root Android Device using Framaroot App :  This app is developed by the XDA forum members. It can root any possible android phone, with just a single click. To download the app, follow the stated steps :
First of all, download the app on your device. Make sure its the latest version if the app.
Save the downloaded file in a particular folder on your SD card.
And download the app from the .apk file.
Now, click on the ‘install’ button.
frama-root (1)
From the so many options provided, proceed with the “Install superuser” option. (Or chose any from the six options provided)
If your rooting is a success,  you’ll see a message displaying “Success:-)… Superuser and SU binary installed. You have to reboot your device“
In case of failure, you will have to go for another attempt, if its available for you.
Root android device using Universal AndRoot : To proceed rooting your phone with this method, you need to allow download from unknown sources.
Download and install the Universal andRoot application on tour device.
Procced with launching the app in your device, and then ‘root’ (chose the correct version of your android)
Wait, and see your phone getting rooted.
To check whether or not your device has been rooted,you could use the below stated apps and be sure of it :
Root Checker (
Simple root checker (
So now that you know all about rooting, go ahead, and make use of it in the best possible way. Boast your friends about how you can have access to the forbidden administrative functions, and watch them give you that look of envy!

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